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What’s in a name?
Everything if your name is your livelihood!

Jingles have been working hard to successfully sell everything from washing powder to soft drinks for several decades. Those short, catchy songs continue to be used to brand, sell and identify products, services, people and radio stations around the world today.

Why? Because they work.
As a DJ, we know you want to sell your name both effectively and professionally. We recognize the importance of people remembering your name - after all, they’re the same people that will be your future customers and repeat customers! Make sure they know who you are (and who to call) by using strong, high-impact iJingles to sell your name. iJingles create a lasting impression when used at the opening of your webpage!

Provide that EXTRA Service
Give your customers added value by including iJingles as part of your DJ services to brand a particular event.

For example, propose an iJingle to your clients as a life-long reminder of their event and give their parties a bigger buzz!

Imagine “Mary’s Biggest Birthday!”, or “Maria Potter, 40 years young!” singing/shouting in between the dance tracks and the effect they’ll have on the crowd as they celebrate the event!

iJingles are the icing on the cake for surprise parties.

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