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Welcome to the iJingles website. We produce world-class musical jingles for personal use, fully sung and produced in our Dallas studios for just $225 each.

Created originally for use on the airwaves and satellite networks around the world by our parent company TM Studios Inc, chances are you’ve already heard our work – especially since we produce the jingles and themes to some of the most listened-to syndicated radio shows in the world. We sing and shout show/personality names and slogans side-by-side with the biggest stars of yesterday and today.

Now, that same big professional sound can be your sound.

iJingles can be sung to be used in “off-air” applications such as web-only radio stations, closed-circuit/in-store radio stations, event branding, bedroom DJ’ing and club/mobile DJ’ing. Our shouts, on the other hand, can be used anywhere, without restriction or limitation!

Each main section on this site has a small, downloadable audio montage which provides a cross-section of sounds and styles which may suite your intended use. Soft and sexy, loud and proud, short ones, long ones – there’s a bit of everything. There’s even a tutorial on how to adapt the lyrics to your name and slogan in the Ordering info section.

If you’re a seasoned jingle enthusiast and know exactly what you'd like, we suggest you email us your wish-list to check for availability. Some cuts/packages are not available in this offer - mostly morning show/parody songs and those sung by the gospel group.

Got something to shout about? Go straight to Shouts and order full group shouts, chants and whispers.

Finally, don’t forget that we’re here to help. Drop us a line without hesitation.

Have fun!


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