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Group Shouts/Chants/Whispers $50 each
News themes/Instrumental tracks $150 each
Sung ijingles $225 each

Free worldwide delivery via WEB DOWNLOAD.

Delivery on CD is an optional $15 for domestic (U.S.) and $50 for International/Overseas Shipping (Outside the U.S.)

Please allow 6 weeks from the receipt of your order for delivery of your iJingles. Faster production is available for a supplement. Contact us for details.

How To Write Lyrics
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How To Buy iJingles
  1. You must be able to clearly identify each specific iJingle in your order... for example, the name of the package and the cut number. If you are ordering SHOUTS, select the style you’d like: Full Shout – for a dynamic, attention grabbing statement, a Chant – blends well with speech or softer music mix and great for phone numbers, or a Whisper – very sexy for a slow set or your special, personal message. When ordering shouts, please note that a single shout is a short phrase with only one period (full-stop).
  2. Read the "How to write your iJingle lyrics" page. Then, write the lyrics you want us to sing for each iJingle in your order.
  3. Your next step is to fill out the order form, providing us with your contact information. Remember, sung iJingles are sold to you on a strictly non-broadcast basis.
    This restriction does not apply to shouts.
  4. Once we receive your order, we'll check your lyrics to see if they fit comfortably on the music track(s). Your iJingles will be produced in American English unless any specific pronunciation instructions are provided. You should make note of any special pronunciations immediately below the space provided for your lyrics. However, the best thing to do is to record an mp3 audio file and email it to us.
  5. iJingles take up to six weeks for delivery. Once your order is produced we’ll send you an email with a link to where you can download your iJingles (if you’d also like to receive your iJingles on CD, tick the box when ordering. A $15 charge applies for Domestic shipping | $50 for International).
  6. Faster delivery IS available for an additional charge. Contact us for details.
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