iJingles does DJs! Use iJingles at your next party! Brand your Podcast with iJingles! iJingles are PERFECT for Internet Radio! How to Order iJingles... Listen to our vast store of pre-recorded Jingles! Create custom Shouts! Create custom iJingles Back to Homepage

Make your party much more fun by using iJingle to sing/shout the who, what, why, where of the occasion.

Give your celebration a real buzz with supercharged iJingles!

Make your party/event the talk of the town.

We can sing an iJingle about your boss for the office party, say goodbye to a retiring colleague or sing/shout your fraternity name.

A real thrill for surprise parties.

Make your iJingle a feature of your party and the anthem to your event.

iJingles are available in all musical styles from urban/top40 to country, swing to soul.

Whatever your event, be it a fashion show, street festival, graduation or class reunion, we can adapt our product to suit your style.

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