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Radio is a competitive market and the winners are the ones who are the easiest to identify by using consistent, memorable imaging in their programming.

Marketing experts will tell you that when you open a shop you don’t put a small, modest home-made sign on the door and hope people will find you and respect you - no, you put the biggest, brightest, most professional colorful sign you can so that everyone knows you’re there and that you mean business!

Radio and Podcasting are no different. Those little pieces of imaging on the radio called jingles are the equivalent of the bright, colorful sign of your business – your logo – your business card – your signature. Professionally made signs create a better impression than if they’re home-made, just as professionally made jingles do – and we’ve been making jingles for more than 4 decades, so we know a thing or two, like what works and what doesn’t.

So what does work? We know that the whole appeal of your podcast presentation can be enhanced by including professional, creative imaging throughout your show. A show opener (theme) that identifies you and your show musically will imprint on your listener’s mind much better than a few spoken words. Then, throughout your presentation, iJingles can help you identify key features, smooth-over transitions in your programming and then close your show with professionalism and class. Consistent use of iJingles in each of your podcasts establish fast recall for the listener and makes your presentation a more pleasing place to be.

Musical imaging is evocative; music imaging is emotional; music imaging is memorable. World class imaging is now available to you at iJingles.

Podcasts come in all varieties, but regardless of whether your show is mainly speech or mostly music, iJingles have imaging that can match your style... perfectly.

Radio stations choose their jingles based on a number of criteria; their format (type of content), their demographic target (who they want to appeal to), the image they want to convey (serious/humorous/contemporary/conservative) and how the imaging will be used on air (long slogans/short punctuations/long music beds to talk over, ending in a jingle/shouts that can ride over music beds or songs without any musical conflicts). Choosing iJingles for your podcast presentation is no different.

Make your podcast sound like the biggest broadcasters on the planet. Now, with iJingles.
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