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Huge selection
There are over a thousand iJingles available for re-sing at iJingles.com in just about every musical style, variety and duration. Long ones, short ones, solos or group harmonies, whichever you choose each can be sung with your choice of lyrics. (Parody and morning show songs are not available in this offer).

Mix and Remix
Your completed iJingles will be delivered with a number of alternate versions, or mixouts as they're known. These are different mixes of vocals and the music track. One version will be supplied without any music - just the vocal group, or acappella.

Simply The Best
Your iJingles will be produced, sung, engineered and mixed by the very same professionals who create the best jingles heard on leading radio stations and networks around the world. Not sure your lyrics fit? Canít find the style youíre looking for? Email us.

Get Started Now
Order up to three "Sung-iJingles" at a time by filling out the boxes below. Be sure to enter the "Package-Name" and the "Cut-Number" in the space below along with "Your Lyrics" (replace the example-lyrics with your own), with one jingle to a line (leave unused boxes empty). Then click "Add Jingles To Cart".

Package Name Cut # Your Lyrics


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