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How To Write Lyrics For Your iJingles
It's actually a lot simpler than you might imagine. Just think back to that scene in The Sound Of Music where Maria is teaching kids how to sing. You start off with Do - Re - Mi and then you add words to replace the "Do-Re-Mi" like "One-Oh-Three".

The trick is to remember that each note can be replaced by one syllable... so if you have a three syllable word... say "Washington," it would take the place of the "Do," the "Re," and the "Mi."

So, for your jingles, start off by counting the number of notes in the jingle's lyrics as they are listed on the lyric sheet.

"The Best Mix Of Today's Hits 99.5 W T M C" is 18 notes/syllables long. Keep in mind that the "W" is three syllables, and if you want to sing the "point" in "ninety nine point five," then that's a syllable, too.

So with 18 notes/syllables to work with, you do any of the following:

Note that this is only 14 syllables but fewer syllables than allowed is not a problem.

"The Buzzy & Bob Show MIX ninety-six-point-three"

"Today's hits and yesterday's favorites, Z one-oh-four-one F M"

Note: this is 17 notes/syllables long but you can sing "favorites" as "fav-rites" as opposed to "favorites" and save a syllable in the process. The save goes for words like "memories"... few people actually say "mem-or-ries"... most folks, including Barbra Streisand, say "Mem-ries."

And don't worry, all of your lyrics will be reviewed by an adapter who converts your lyrics into sheet music for the singers.

Pay special attention to the pronunciation of words that may seem common to you, but not to us.

Even simple words like "Lancaster" can be mispronounced. In Pennsylvania, "Lancaster" is pronounced "LANK-is-ster"... in California, it's "Lan-CAST-ter." Every Yankee knows that Worchester is pronounced "Woos-Ster"... Texans, however would likely pronounce it "Wor-Ches-Ter."

You should make note of any special pronunciations. However, the best thing to do is to record an mp3 audio file and email it to us.

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