iJingles is back!

Through February 12th, 2023, you can order jingles for personal use, which will be sung and delivered to you by March 30th. Choose from heritage TM packages or more recent jingles, or even get a shout or two. Let us know what jingles you’d like by filling in the form below and we’ll let you know if your preferred cuts are available. We'll be recording and delivering jingles on a first come, first served basis, subject to suitable vocal sessions.

iJingles Examples

NEW TO iJINGLES – We’ve digitized five of the packages that we’ve been requested to offer through iJingles. From Pepper Tanner we can now offer Simple And Free, Shotgun Heaven, and The Now Sound. From TM Productions, WKTI The House Band and Retaliate. Check out the demos below to hear the packages, and please reference the relevant numbers when ordering.
Simple & Free
Shotgun Heaven
The Now Sound
WTKI The House Band

If you’re stuck for ideas, here are some packages you might want to choose from:

Classic CHR

Steamroller Mastered
Southern California’s Kiss


CHR 12-Pack


Country Wave
Country 12-Pack


Lite It Up
AC 12-Pack

Hot AC

Buzz Trax
Hot AC 12-Pack


Shine FM

Classic Hits

Greatest Hits
Motown Gold

There are a few guidelines…

  • These are strictly for personal and internet usage only; no broadcast rights are included.
  • If a TM package is digitized and on our studio system, it should be available for resing. We will use a similar vocal group to the original package where possible. So, if you’ve heard it sung for anyone in the last few years, chances are we have it. Some recent packages are unavailable.
  • The cost is $350 per jingle, and $95 per shout. Or, order 4 or more jingles from the same package for $250 per jingle. This is for jingles up to around 15 seconds; longer cuts and full songs are POA. Payment is via card, and delivery is via wave file download. Supplied mixes include accapellas, but not a full instrumental.
  • If your order is received by February 12th, it’ll be delivered by March 30th, 2023.
  • Contact us to get started!

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